Your life span is approximately 75 years. 
That’s 900 months. 
3,900 weeks.
27, 375 days.
657,000 hours.
That’s what you have to work with…now lets break it down even further :
From age 0 to 10, you don’t really do anything besides, sleep, eat, play.
That’s 87,600 hours gone.
So there’s 569,400 hours left in your life.
Now let’s assume between all the naps you took during math classes in school, 12 hour sleep binges after parties and adult responsibility of work most of us will sleep 8 hours a day everyday for the next 65 years.
So from age 10 to 75 we’ll all sleep an average of 8 hours a day.
That’s 189, 800 hours gone.
So there’s 379,600 hours left in your life.
And lets say that from age 10 to 22, you were in school roughly from 8am to 3pm during the weekdays, that’s 7 hours for school and high school and roughly the same for College. But that’s only from September through May, so that’s 8 months out of the year (if we compress all the Holidays in summer).
That’s 15,456 hours gone.
So there’s 364,144 hours left in your life.
And lets say from age 22 to 65 you’re working a standard 8 hour a day job, which you probably don’t like, during 5 week days for 43 years.
That’s 89,784 hours gone.
So there’s 274,360 hours left in your life.
But, lets say that you get 3 weeks a year off for vacation and sick days. That’s 15 workdays of 8 hours off for the next 43 years. That’s plus 5,160 to your life.
So add that back on for a new total of 279,520 hours.
So there’s 279,520 hours left in your life.
That’s a remainder of 279,520 hours of free time from age 10 to 75 that you can use for free time.
But let’s get real, from age 65 to 75 we will spend most our time watching TV or focusing on health problems (being sick or almost) because of all those years we didn’t take good care of our health, diet, etc.
So those 8 hours that were once spent working during the 22-65 years are now being used trying to catch up with Health.
That’s 20,880 hours gone.
So there’s 258,640 hours left in your life.
Now lets factor in the unmentionables, eating 3 times a day will equal about 2 hours, so from eating alone let’s say that number from ages 10 to 75 will be 47,450 hours of eating.
That’s 47,450 hours gone.
So there’s 211,190 hours left in your life.
And let’s consider the combined hours from all the bathroom breaks taken per day equals 1/2 hour, for 65 years.
That’s 11,862 hours gone.
So there’s 199,328 hours left in your life.
And lets consider grooming. Avoiding the male/female clichés of how much time we spend getting ready to present ourselves to society. Let’s say, on average, between showering, drying, spraying, shaving, brushing, combing, deciding which clothes to wear, putting them on, and crossing the threshold to the outside world, that it’s 1 hour a day from age 10 to 75, so that total is 23,725 hours.
That’s 23,725 hours gone.
So there’s 175,603 hours left in your life.
That’s about 7 hours a day from age 10 to 75 you can do whatever you want with.
Most people will NOT DO ANYTHING else than watching TV, playing video games, arguing with husband/wife/kids, feeling sorry for oneself and complaining about life, money, the weather, the neighbors, etc., during 4 of those 7 hours.
2 more of those 7 hours will be spent half-sleepy, dreaming about the future or the past.
MOST OF US will have, for the rest of our lives, an average of 1 hour a day being free, happy, doing things we really like, being useful to others, following our personal path and contributing to the growth of Humanity.
Want a little piece of advise?
Look at yourself in the mirror and GET YOUR LIFE BACK NOW!
Those 7 hours are yours. Use them wisely. Try to make them 8, 9, 10 hours a day for yourself and the things you really love to do (hopefully, it will include the people you love.