Dear KM Students,


Please take note of the following updated safety measures as detailed below.

Our priority is to ensure safe training for all.


We ask for your cooperation to follow these guidelines. Access will not be granted to those who do not apply safety measures.


We look forward to seeing you on the mats again!

Last Updated: 17 June 2020


  • SafeEntry: Before entry and upon leaving, please scan the SafeEntry poster displayed at the entrance or using your Singpass app. Make sure to check out upon leaving as well. See below for details.

  • Temperature taking: Your temperature will be taken before entry. If you are having a fever (above 37.5c), you will not be able to access the premises.

  • Washing hands / Sanitiser: You are required to sanitise your hands upon entry and wash your hands before and after training;

  • Wearing mask is mandatory at all times;

  • Safe distancing: The training floor is marked with dots to keep safe distancing. Please keep to these at all times during training. Instead of our usual handshake, we will simply bow at the end of class. Before and after class, please keep safe distancing measures in place when interacting with each other;

  • Use of changing facilities & showers: We will be limiting the use of our shower and changing room facilities. As much as possible, please arrive wearing your uniform to minimise contact;

  • We will not be lending any training equipment for the time being, make sure to bring your own.


  • Clean Premises: We have done a deep clean of the premises before opening and we are applying disinfectant coating on surfaces regularly to limit the risk.

  • Safe Training: Training is adapted to ensure we keep safe distance by keeping a standard of 9 sqm of space per student at all times.

  • Instructors & Team: Our team and instructors have been briefed on safety measures to make sure. We also try to keep instructors to specific classes to minimise crossing between groups.

  • Cleaning of equipment: Any equipment used for training is disifected after use and the training floor is cleaned regularly after sessions.