If the world is going to be a better place, it is up to all of us. 

Why The Martial Hearts Initiative?

Beyond just a charitable action, giving back and contributing positively to the world is our duty.

The Martial Hearts initiative was born in 2020 as a natural evolution from the vision of Kali Majapahit founders, Fred and Lila Evrard: Using martial arts as a vehicle for greater awareness and purpose. The vision called for awareness that happens within ourselves: building a healthier body and mind but also creating stronger connections with our communities and contributing towards better environmental protection.

The Martial Hearts Initiative brings individuals, groups and organisations together to contribute to carefully selected projects.


What do we do? How do we do it? 

Our goal is to leverage the power of our community to have a positive impact on our environment.

Through the Kali Majapahit network of students, instructors as well as partners and friends around the world, we aim to create a movement that will come together to make a statement and impact on key issues related to ecosystem conservation xxx.

We have carefully selected NGOs, and within these organisations specific projects, that will benefit from our actions through funding, education programs and awareness. We will be able to track how the funds raised are being used and we will keep this page updated with progress on the projects we support.

Beyond just funding, we hope to build a relationship between contributors and the causes they support.

Leuser International Foundation

Leuser International Foundation (LIF)  is  a Non Government Organization which strives to conserve the 2,6 million hectares of national Leuser forest ecosystem located in Aceh and North Sumatra provinces of Indonesia.

The foundation has more than 20 years conservation experience in protection  of natural resources and endangered species, community development, and capacity building for environmental stakeholders and policy makers. [Visit their website]

Samsom Mlup Prey

Sansom Mlup Prey was created in 2009 to promote and market wildlife-friendly products grown or crafted in the communities located in all categories of land protected for their biodiversity value in Cambodia.

Its work links wildlife conservation to improving livelihoods of villagers limited by the constraints of living in a remote area with little opportunity to expand operations and limited market access. [Read More]

Our Projects & Actions

  • XMAS Camp: Yearly martial arts workshop happening in Singapore where 100% of the funds are distributed to our adopted charities.  
  • Martial Hearts World Day: Held every year, the Martial Hearts World Day brings together the martial arts community, online and to share about their art, 100% of the funds collected are distributed to our adopted charities. 
  • Local KM Actions: Local actions are conducted by Kali Majapahit Academies around the world. Fund raising, beach cleaning, education about the environment and recycling, pre-loved goods donation, blood donation drives… 
  • Low Carbon Operations: We work to responsibly source for training equipment and to remove the use of plastic packaging and single-use plastic items. Our training facilities use exclusively energy saving lighting and devices. We strive to have paperless operations when possible and FSC paper otherwise.


  • USD20’000 Donations 

  • 400KG of pre-loved items donated 

  • Online outreach of 100’000 individuals 

  • 200Kg trash collected

  • 300Kg of Plastic Reduction

  • 90% of equipment sold packaging-free

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