Kali Majapahit Kids

(6-11 Years Old)

“#1 Martial Arts Enrichment Program in Singapore”

Our martial arts program for children is built on the best of traditional Asian martial arts, teaching our students the skills and knowledge to take on challenges of the future. Whether it is with long staff, sticks or traditional empty hands and kicking systems, the structured curriculum was designed to optimise our students’ learning and have a lasting impact beyond the dojo. Most of all, we believe martial arts is the best tool for building responsible, confident kids while encouraging team work and promoting respect to have a positive impact around them.


(3-5 Years Old)

“An Early Start to a Life With Confidence!”

Balancing, running, jumping, climbing and a first discovery of martial arts with boxing and sticks bring out focus, discipline, confidence in a playful environment!

Teaching this class is one of our favourite things to do and as much as it is 100% fun, our curriculum was build with specific milestones in mind to contribute positively to the mental and physical development of our little students! They might be shy at first but eventually, they bloom to become confident and parents enjoy the positive impact beyond what happens at our dojo. 

Birthday Parties

“Pick The Theme, We Take Care of The Rest!”

Pick your special theme such as Jedi Knight, Ninja Warrior or Superheroes Academy and we take care of the rest! Our kids parties are 100% fun and bring together the best of martial arts, parkour and character education for an unforgettable special day!

You can pick from either 60 or 90 minutes of activity followed by 30 minutes for cake and presents free time. We’ll dress up the place based on the theme you picked, prepare the table for the cake and all you need is to come with the cake.

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