If the modern man still knew how to breathe properly, he would get everything he needs to fight against the stresses of everyday life, junk food that leads him to dig his own grave with his mouth, weariness, pollution, coldness, depression, his mother-in-law, his boss, taxations, etc.

In brief, there is always a good pretext to not come to grips with his health and enjoy life at full eagerness! Thus we are often under “hypo-oxygenation”. In addition to that, if we live in a place surrounded by buildings, our brain has to work overtime to function with the tiny amount of oxygen it has at its disposal.

While he’s smoking, a smoker absorbs in one drag the tobacco smoke, the paper, the nicotine, the tar (the same as the one we use for making highways), and many other unpronounceable drugs and harmful chemicals. Tobacco companies are producing those chemicals to make customers manageable and dependent. As I previously said, a smoker absorbs a high amount of oxygen while he smokes, thus the brain realizes that the only moment it can receive a normal dose of oxygen is when he is smoking!

Consequently the brain makes an unconscious association between smoking and well-being from breathing, and that’s how the smoker becomes addicted to both nicotine… and oxygen.

It’s possible to stop this confusion by relearning how to breathe properly. The deeper and the longer the breathing will last, the better it will be. The blood will be recharged with oxygen, the body will relax, the mind will become focused, the nervous system is calmed down and the emotions are stable.

The way we breathe is crucial, because it determines our level of consciousness and energy (the Chinese word for breathing and vital energy is the same: CHI). Most traditions agree with regard to breathing. It must starts from the belly area, not from the chest, and is done in six phases:
Breathing in by the nose, one first pushes the guts forward out, to make room for the lower part of the lungs to fill up with air, which loosens the diaphragm and allows breathing with full lung capacity.

Breathing out, one starts by emptying the belly area, after which the diaphragm compresses the lungs, removing most of the CO2.

The vital energy thus penetrates into our organism and is transported along the meridians to be stored in the Tan Dian (3 fingers under the navel). At a higher level, the practitioner will breathe “with the back”. This is a more complicated concept and should be explained in class by an advanced instructor.

Breathing properly is one of the two most important things we can do for our health, along with eating real food instead of processed and chemical food!