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Kali Majapahit martial arts is the leading academy for those looking for efficient martial arts as well as a way to shape the body and sharpen the mind. Since 1998, under the leadership of founders Guro Fred and Lila Evrard, the professional team of instructors conduct classes in stick fighting, empty hands self-defense, kickboxing and knife defense.

Rewards & Recognitions

I am impressed by the quality of the lessons, the commitment by the instructors and the diversity of students. It is clear that I have joined a school that is not teaching to fight, but is teaching the art of understanding ones’ body, the art of defense and attack, and the art of respect for others and of one-self

Words are not enough to express how pleased and happy I am with my daughter taking up and continuing with Kali Majapahit. Besides her eagerness and enthusiasm in learning martial arts, I have watched her develop into a mature and confident young person.

It has been a humbling and eye-opening journey of self-discovery and KM has helped me improve not only physically but mentally as well. The emphasis of KM is not only on helping students acquire skills and techniques but in helping us to become a better person all-round.

Martial art training is  one of the tools I chose to build myself, and follow my own path.  Tough training sometimes, but rewarding.

I have learnt a lot in the 7 years I have been training at KM. Beyond martial arts, iit teaches us how to be a better person and a better leader in our everyday life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, 10 or 50 years old, you will learn a lot.

The classes were well structured and all the instructors went out of their way to support my learning and training. All the instructors are skilled and knowledgeable, with the patience to guide me through the techniques and drills.

What Our Students Are Saying!

Cherie LuiCherie Lui
00:05 13 Jun 24
Kali, Ben and Denis were the best!! We held our son’s 6th birthday and he had a blast! We were skeptical about a smaller venue, but it ended up more private and we felt like VIPs. Ben really knows how to manage young kids, and the kids got to use their imagination (being ninjas) through fun games, obstacles. The area in the back and birthday decor setup was just nice. Affordable rates and the instructors make all the difference. Thank you and would highly recommend!
alexandra ohalexandra oh
09:27 15 Jan 24
Kali Majapahit manages to hold classes that are not only fun, but that inculcate sorely needed values to its students. Characters such as patient panda, confident monkey and respectful turtle help the kids practise what they learn in class at home and at as school. Thanks KM teachers for caring so deeply for the students of KM.
Derek DesouzaDerek Desouza
02:25 19 Aug 23
Coordinated in an amazing way. Teachers and classes are great. My kid loves it!!!
Shen SheShen She
12:12 17 Aug 23
08:16 13 Aug 23
Cristina Rosa RonceroCristina Rosa Roncero
07:22 12 Aug 23
The level of professionalism is top. My daughter loves going there and if there is no class for her level that day she waits outside to watch the older kids’ practice. Highly recommendable, good for physical education, coordination and self control. Super fun!
A ChanA Chan
11:16 11 Aug 23
Worth visiting for anyone with even a passing interest in martial arts. The depth and breadth of knowledge of the instructors is phenomenal but more importantly, the people training there are a great bunch.
grr lashgrr lash
08:18 11 Aug 23
A good place to learn not just martial arts but other concepts and values applicable to life in general. They have a very supportive community and highly recommended for both kids and adults alike.
Surbhi KhandelwalSurbhi Khandelwal
08:10 11 Aug 23
Great martial arts school, especially for kids. Disciplined and engaging.
Akash TyagiAkash Tyagi
14:56 19 May 23
Best place to be in. Don’t think, just join.
Laurent RossierLaurent Rossier
01:33 18 May 23
Kali Majapahit is an outstanding Martial Art school.Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn and improve on the Arts, ranging from beginners to very advanced levels.The philosophy is amazing, the camaraderie second to none and the overall spirit wonderfully uplifting and encouraging.
David YDavid Y
12:19 17 May 23
Great instructors! Learned empty hand and weapon techniques at the same time.
Celine SilieCeline Silie
10:32 17 May 23
Very good classes! My son enjoys them a lot! Discipline and good teaching!
Mike MorrisonMike Morrison
02:56 20 Nov 22
Excellent teachers and school for martial arts.
leah tleah t
02:48 03 Nov 21
The instructors are not only very knowledgeable, they are also welcoming and wonderful folk. A really lovely martial arts community
Carmen SpanglerCarmen Spangler
02:16 03 Nov 21
Really enjoying this experience; gaining new skills in self defence. Our whole family has joined! Great for kids and people at all levels from beginner to advanced. Great Instructors, very knowledgeable, helpful and patient!
Nida BouzidNida Bouzid
21:33 02 Nov 21
I train there and I like the people and the martial art system, come and try
04:19 24 Jul 21
Great new location, same awesome training.
Simon CSimon C
03:06 04 Jul 20
I've been lucky to train traditional MA both in my home country and travelling. When I moved to Singapore it took me a year of trying out different schools to find Kali Majapahit. Kali has so much to offer; it's weapons based, rather than competition based and everything you learn translates to empty hands and self defence. Kali is the main focus but we also learn Silat, JKD, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and traditional boxing to name a few. Kali as the main focus is both challenging and rewarding. The team at KM push your limits and encourage you to progress in a friendly, non ego environment.We've had trips to Thailand and Philippines to train with some of the best Kali practitioners in the world and many world class instructors host seminars for KM students.If you're a complete begniner looking to start a MA or you're an experienced practitioner, I'd highly recommend Kali Majapahit.
Lee Chen FangLee Chen Fang
14:32 02 Jul 20
If you are looking to pickup SEAsian martial art, self-defense techniques or improving physical health, look no further, Kali Majapahit might just be the place for you.Kali Majapahit offers a well-crafted curriculum covering weapon handling, practical empty-hand application, sparring and physical conditioning for all levels: beginners to experts.To catered to your schedule and lifestyle, physical and online classes are available throughout the day and week.Under the careful guidance of motivated Kali Team, you will be able to train in safe and friendly environment.Come drop by the well-maintained Dojo, sign up for a trial lesson and start your martial art journey with Kali Majapahit.
Sowmya RajgopaulSowmya Rajgopaul
00:25 02 Jul 20
My son has been MMA at kali majapahit for quite sometime now- the gurus have been amazing with him - not only with developing his MMA skills but also helping him develop intrinsically as a person. In my opinion the emotional skill development has been as essential as his physical ability. He loves going to class and hates missing even a session. For a teenager to motivate himself to get to class every week with no external push speaks for itself. Thank you and great job.
Aryan Azman (Aryan45)Aryan Azman (Aryan45)
06:56 24 Dec 19
I have been in KM for about 7 years and in those 7 years I have learnt a lot and I am still learning a lot from KM as it teaches us how to be a better person and a better leader in our everyday life. What I love about KM is that it doesn’t matter what age u are if you are 10 or even if you are 50, u can still join KM and learn a lot.
Dora TanDora Tan
09:40 12 Oct 16
i am glad I found Kali Majapahit a few years ago. I had martial arts trainings in the past, but nothing beats Kali. Kali dojo is just like home, with like minded people doing like minded art.I often recommend friends to come in for trials or to see for themselves what we do in Kali. The instructors are wonderful, dedicated, patient, friendly and most of all, they are very humble tho they are highly skilled martial arts gurus. I love Kali! Yes!

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