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KM Classes

KM Adults Beginners and Intermediates Classes

The first step into Kali Majapahit, our beginners classes will take you step by step from the most basic self-defense techniques to becoming an efficient martial artist. The training curriculum that was developed based on teaching thousands of students, is optimized to bring results to everyone. This curriculum covers many aspects of Kali Majapahit: Single/double sticks, empty hands self-defense as well as Filipino and Thai boxing/kickboxing.

The Intermediates class will be more demanding in both, skills and focus. Here, the student will be introduced to a new KM sub-system: our Knife defense (also taught to law enforcement and special forces around the world). The higher intensity of the Intermediates training will bring his/her skills and knowledge to a completely new level.


  • Efficient Self-Defense (Empty hands + Weapons)
  • Improves Coordination / Focus
  • Structured Belt Ranking System
  • Health & Personal Growth Concepts
  • Leadership & Self-confidence
  • Family spirit

KM Adults Advanced, Kasama and Black Belts Classes

The  Advanced and Kasama classes are the last 2 steps to becoming a Black Belt as students get to explore deeper the concepts and techniques of Kali Majapahit. The rhythm and intensity are much higher and we are getting students ready for the the black Belt class. New weapons and styles are also introduced as we go further in training in the various influences of Kali Majapahit.

The Black Belt class is the higher level and the most intense class in Kali Majapahit where all the Black Belts and Instructors meet to train together and challenge each other. At this level, the student is “fluent in the martial art language” and can express him/herself freely. He has also reach an amazing level of skills in both, Self-Defense and Leadership.


  • Advanced concepts
  • Advanced weapons and techniques
  • Realistic applications and scenarios
  • Mastery of all KM Self-Defense, Martial Arts and Leadership skills
  • Explore deeper the individual arts that influenced KM

KM Kids (6-12 years old)

Learning a martial art is an amazing tool for character education, a challenge for the young students to always do their best and learn the benefits of focus, self discipline and a positive mindset. This program is designed to empower children with tools for life together with simple yet effective self defense techniques to build confident kids ! Beyond the obvious benefits of martial arts and Parkour, our training has a strong impact on children’s academic results.


  • Tons of fun!
  • Structured curriculum based on character development skills
  • Real improvements in focus, confidence, coordination and more!
  • Mix of martial arts and movement trainings

KM Lil’Ninjas (3-6 years old)

The Lil’Ninjas Program, specifically designed for the youngest from 3 years old offers fun and exciting games created by our instructors to teach movement, balance, coordination and self confidence. This high energy class, keeping students fully focused from beginning to the end, is one of our most popular kids program. Parents are welcome to join their little ones for the first few sessions or stay to watch the fun and witness their children learning !


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