Failure is such a powerful tool. – By Ben Boeglin

I strongly believe in the benefits of failure. As much as it can be painful and frustrating, it always comes with a lesson (usually thrown at our face), it keeps us hungry, it triggers creativity, it allows us to reach bolder goals. It makes us better. Of course,...

You are here – By John Honeyman

You are HERE, right where you belong. It's easy to fall into the twin traps of victimization or unworthiness. On one hand, many of us (myself included) have times where we think "why me?". It's like the Universe itself is conspiring against us to destroy our carefully...

Apple cider vinegar

In India, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe apple cider vinegar in combination with the herb Gotu Kola to help in the revitalizing of the skin. Indians have been known to consume apple cider vinegar in combination with honey to improve digestion. It contributes greatly...

Green smoothies recipies

Recipe #1: coconut water Recipe #2: water, baby spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, spirulina Recipe #3: coconut water, baby spinach, wheat grass, banana, apple Recipe #4: almond milk, baby spinach, lemon, agave, flax seed Recipe #5: almond milk, baby spinach, cucumber,...

What do we do with our time?

Your life span is approximately 75 years. 
That’s 900 months. 
3,900 weeks.
27, 375 days.
657,000 hours. That’s what you have to work lets break it down even further : From age 0 to 10, you don’t really do anything besides, sleep, eat, play.
That’s 87,600...

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